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If you are interested in learning to play the guitar then I can offer you convenient methods.

Learning to play the guitar in a group setting can be a lot less intimidating for the beginner. You not only get the benefit of having a teacher to help you along, you can often judge your progress by where the other students are in the class. Group lessons for beginners and intermediate players are scheduled throughout Orange County, starting every 5 weeks.
Please check my CLASS SCHEDULE section for upcoming class descriptions, locations and times.


   •Intermediate Guitar
   •Intermediate Beatles
   •Intermediate Country
   •Intermediate Blues
   •Intermediate Eagles
   •Intermediate Finger Style
   •Intermediate Electric Guitar

In a private lesson setting, your instructor can gauge your progress each session and custom design your lessons to suit your needs. You will have your teacher's undivided attention, and you can ask anything you feel is not clear. For more information on private lessons, email Ron at ronlgorman@hotmail.com or call 949-362-0778.


Please pring out the following
music sheets before coming to class

I've developed an easy & effective audio CD to help you with your strums & lead guitar picking.